BU Fitness Podcast: Episode 1

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Saying that I have been away from my blog for a while is an understatement.  A new child, new house, new full-time teaching position, and a dissertation will do that to a fellow.  Fortunately, I am back to posting!  What better way to kick it back into gear than to post the FIRST episode of the BU Fitness Podcast.

I started the podcast with a vision: A forum where experts and specialists in the health and fitness industry could elaborate on topics that are relevant to the curriculum at Bryan University.  Our first episode discusses the importance of having BOTH education and certification in the fitness industry.  I recruited my good friend and mentor Dr. Brent Alvar to appear on the first show.

Take a listen by clicking here, and hope you enjoy!

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As I mentioned in my first ever post, one of the frustrations of a person at any level of the health and fitness industry is finding credible and trustworthy sources on the Internet.  You may come across a web site or a forum that has good details on workout design or supplement use, but you are left with concerns as to the legitimacy of the information!  As time passes, I hope this blog becomes a large source of credible information to my fellow fitness professionals.  However, there are currently many sites that I would recommend to fitness professionals as well as up-and-coming professionals.


Check out my Links page for a list of credible web sites for information on scientific articles, anatomy & physiology, video demos, and nutrition.  I have also included links to the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).  In my opinion, these are the two most prestigious organizations in our field.  Not only do their certifications hold more merit in the fitness industry, but the library or articles and other resources they provide to members is second to none!  Enjoy!

The Bulgarian Split Squat

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The Bulgarian Split Squat…a great exercise that could be performed by clients who have a good foundation of balance and body control.  However, what are some of the key coaching points to watch for when observing your client?  Click on the picture below to see a video on how to perform the Bulgarian Split Squat:


Time to fill in the gaps!

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Welcome to the blog developed by current experts for future experts in the field of personal fitness training and exercise science!

This site is intended for an audience of up-and-coming personal trainers.  I currently teach classes for hundreds of students looking to start a career in exercise science, health, and fitness.  There’s just one problem….there’s only so much you can learn in the time of one class, one book, or one instructor.  As a young student, I found it difficult to find the information I really wanted to know about exercise execution, resistance training programming, and even nutrition recommendations.

Undergraduates often go looking for answers to “fill in the gaps”.  The gaps may be specific to a student’s personal interests, networking, or desire to settle conflicts on a particular subject matter.  The Educated Trainer blog can help fit the needs of these students!  Here, you will find:

  • Posts regarding the latest research in the field
  • Podcasts featuring renowned experts in exercise science
  • Videos of exercise variations and coaching tips
  • The ability to network with like-minded individuals

I hope you enjoy the journey on your pursuit of lifetime fitness education.

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